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Southern California native Kole Weber is a professional saxophonist based in Temecula, CA.  While he received guidance from his father (Jason Weber, who has been playing sax professionally for over 30 years), Kole has quickly made a name for himself and performs regularly all over the region.

Kole started playing saxophone at the age of 9 (4th grade) and hasn't stopped his musical endeavors since.  His passion for music guided him in different directions musically as he started producing records for underground R&B, Pop, Trap, and Hip Hop artists in 2017.  Weber eventually came back to play saxophone as his instrument of choice and hasn't looked back.  As a relative newcomer in the professional music game, he performed over 250 gigs at 40+ different venues in his first year of being full time.  With more time to learn and grow, he is now performing well over 300 gigs per year.

Whether performing with various artists/bands or as a solo act, Kole has a unique ability to read an audience and play just the right music to fit the vibe and energy of the room.  He plays a wide variety of styles including Jazz, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Latin, Rock, etc.

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